Better Sleep – Subliminal Sleep – A Good Nights Sleep

Subliminal Sleep

Better Sleep – Subliminal Sleep – A Good Nights Sleep What would getting a good nights sleep mean to you? Join me in this recording of a Live Google Hangout, where I chatted with Mark J. Ryan, creator of the Subliminal Sleep DVD. Billions are spent every year on prescription drugs and sleep aids with […]

What Is Wrong With Humanity

Free Numeroly Reading

A good question to ask yourself these days. What’s wrong with humanity, is that there are way to many people out there, especially on the Internet that are praying on the unwary and in some cases desperate.

Today I received an email saying that I had to activate an account for a FREE Numerology reading.


Affirmations Vs Afformations


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Mind Power MP3 – Claim 20 FREE Gifts


I have found a really awesome site where you will find some of the most fabulous MIND POWER MP3s on the planet. If you’re interested in listening to great music and improving your life, you will love all 20 of these beautiful and unique gifts:   Watch The Video and Get 20 FREE Download Gifts […]

A Fatal Flaw In The Law of Attraction.


Does the Law of Attraction really work? The answer to that question can be interpreted in many ways depending on where you are now, where you have been and where you want to be. My best guess is that The Law of Attraction will work for around 1% of people who use it the way […]