What Is Wrong With Humanity

What is wrong with humanity?

A good question to ask yourself these days. What’s wrong with humanity, is that there are way to many people out there, especially on the Internet that are praying on the unwary and in some cases desperate.

Today I received an email saying that I had to activate an account for a FREE Numerology reading.

The email directs you to a page for a free numerology reading. On the surface, it looks OK. (See the image to the right)

All you have to do is enter your name and your date of birth along with an email address. Nothing to sinister.

So enter the required information to get your FREE report.

Now this is where the bullshit starts:

Within 60 seconds, an email arrives with a link to your FREE report and some more information. I bet it’s not more FREE information!

Within the so called welcome and report near the beginning there is a line that reads:

“Now my immediate reaction when I received your request was one of excitement and joy…”

Wow I think to myself, a computer that can experience excitement and joy! That’s truly amazing! (It’s obviously computer generated because nobody could produce this much text in 60 seconds or less)

It then goes on:

“I must say that I have worked with lots of people over the years and I rarely come across such a Numerology number profile that converges like yours (you’ll see why in the free reading later…) You’re indeed fortunate… In fact, the chances of hitting your combination are about 1 out of 287!”

Gee, I better get this because apparently there is a Temporal Convergence Period that will only last for 18 day and if I don’t act now, I am going to miss it. (There is no such thing as a Temporal Convergence period in Numerology)

Let curiosity ride and click the link anyway.

Click the link and get a redirect to ClickBank. Wow another surprise. Oh and look it’s only going to cost $70 to get all this information I need and a bunch of other crap to clog up my hard drive.

Talk about an offer that is just to good to be TRUE.

If only it stopped there. However it does not. The kindly old man looking out at you from your computer screen is not Aiden Powers. Nope. It’s a stock photo. Any alarm bells ringing yet? Click Here To View

It turns out that Evelyn Anderson from the United States is also a stock photo. Click Here To View

So here is the big question…

If this is all genuine and true why would anyone need to use stock photos. Also, since the testimonial photo of Evelyn Anderson is a stock photo, it has to be assumed that the testimonial is a made up FAKE.

What about the photos and the testimonials that came along with the FREE report?

WOW. Another surprise! They are stock photos! Therefore it has to be assumed that the testimonials given along with these photos are FAKE and made up as well! But, if either  Tom Hayes or Kristine Tyler can step forward and substantiate these testimonials… I’ll be only to happy to listen.

The question I asked at the top of this post was: What is wrong with humanity!

I trust you will see the point of this post and figure it out.

If you do have an interest in Numerology then I urge you to take advise from a professional.

Click here to see what a professional numerologist site looks like. Sharita Star

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  1. “temporal convergence” i am still LMAO 😉